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Dramatically Improve Your Golf Game From the First Lesson


Ric Moore is an award-winning 29+ year PGA Professional with a strong commitment towards personalized service and individual attention for those seeking to achieve a dramatic improvement in their golf game in a short time. 

Lesson Programs Include:

Single Lessons:                                    
½ hour - $85                                   
1 hour - $120                                

Series of 10 Lessons:
½ hour - $750
1 hour - $900

​9-Hole Playing Lesson -  $175/9-Holes

Coaching Programs (3 Month Minimum)

This is completely different from your standard golf lesson. We will not only improve your golf game on the driving range, but take your skills to the golf course. Guided practice guarantees you are working on precisely what was covered in the private lesson. Working on the course is vital to your success. There is no need to work on your driving range game… We need to improve your golf course game. This package includes everything you need to get better.

  • Adult - $600 (10 Hours of instruction per Month)
  • Junior - $500 (10 Hours of instruction per Month)